All-in-one machine features

Discover how your food
manufacturing business can benefit

What are the key benefits of Sparc Systems’ “all-in-one” machines?

  • X-Ray

  • Metal detection

  • Checkweigher

  • Label inspection

  • Food safety compliance

  • Reduce space

    40% less space required in your operation area as they combine several features - such as checkweigher, X-ray and camera - in one system.

  • Reduced setup time

    50% less time needed for set-up as all of it's features are accessible from one screen.

  • One reject station

    One reject station for all features.

  • No compressed air

    No compressed air required

  • Central reporting system

    Central reporting system for all food safety topics.

And you’ll spend less changeover time from one product to another.
For more information about the systems, just get in touch with our team.

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